Pearly whites, naturally

Let our natural whitening system enhance your smile at the comfort of your home without any sensitivity

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  • Essential Whitening Take-Home Kit

    The take-home kit consists of 9 consecutive treatments, for just 15 minutes each. Included in the kit are three 35% CP syringes, our universal LED tray, and a charger. Guaranteed results, no sensitivity or pain, and most importantly, no chair time.

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  • Essential Whitening Refill Kit

    Our bleaching gel contains only natural whitening ingredients in the formula. Take-home gel consists of 35% Carbamide Peroxide and 5% of Potassium Nitrate to help reduce discomfort and sensitivity. Refill kit comes with (3) 3mL syringes which is good for up to 18 treatments.

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  • Chairside Kit

    We use 44% Carbamide Peroxide with our chairside kit. Patients can expect up to 6 shades brighter results, thanks to our unique formula and advanced LED technology. The kit includes one 35% CP syringe, desensitizing pen, and a charger that the patient will take home for future touch-ups, ensuring a long-lasting, dazzling smile.

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Our primary goal has always been to address the major issue in the teeth whitening market: discomfort and sensitivity. Through extensive research and development, we have created a clinically proven solution that eliminates these problems. With our whitening systems, you can achieve a brighter smile without any discomfort or sensitivity, all from the convenience of your own home.


    All products are gluten free and made in a GF facility.


    Our products have been tested and approved by 50+ dental professionals.


    Our formula has been clinically tested and proven to show effective results


    Our products, formula, or ingredients are not tested on animals.

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Introducing our advanced Ultrasonic Pod, the perfect solution for maintaining the cleanliness of your dental appliances like nightguards, retainers, and dentures. This innovative cleaner uses a high-frequency 45,000Hz ultrasonic wave to effectively remove stains and debris. Additionally, its UV light sterilization ensures a comprehensive, hygienic clean in a swift 5-minute treatment.