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Take your dental clinic to the next level. With our products, on average dental professionals save 45-60 minutes of chair time. In addition, they are able to provide a better experience to their patients by offering whitening products with no sensitivity or pain. Our products are able to save dental hygienists time and headaches from not having to create custom trays. The big benefit of working with our products is how easy and simple teeth whitening becomes, and with guaranteed results dental professionals feel more confident and motivated to offer their whitening service. More importantly, dental clinics see on average a 67% increase in their teeth whitening revenue once they partner up with us! 

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Universal Mouth Tray

The universal LED mouth tray is designed to fit 90-95% of the human mouth. Reducing the need for custom trays and chair time.

58 Minute In-Office Treatment

The in-office treatment takes approximately 58 minutes with preparation and clean-up. Compared to other companies, we save on average 40-60 minutes of chair time.

Includes Potassium Nitrate

Potassium nitrate, one of our main ingredients, is a natural substance that is widely used to treat tooth sensitivity.

Dental Friendly

Our dentist-approved teeth whitening system is designed to enhance the teeth whitening experience for both the patient and the doctor.