• Espire Dental Team

    We love Essential Whitening at our office! Our patients love the convenience of the take-home product and that it is basically refillable. Quite a few of us have used the product and have seen really strong results so we can talk to the patients about our own experiences. I personally have super sensitive teeth and felt nothing after multiple uses, I used it 3 times and was shocked at how bright my teeth were. It’s our newest whitening product, reusable and refillable, quick 15 min treatments, low to 0 sensitive!

  • Dana / PM

    I was in Clear Aligner Braces for over a year and when I was finished I used Essential Whitening to whiten my teeth! I was so shocked that my teeth whitened THREE shades whiter in one office visit which took about an hour with NO sensitivity! In addition, I could take home the whitening tray to continue maintaining my beautiful white smile. Having been in the dental field for quite some time, I have used many different products, however, none are as good as Essential Whitening! This is the only whitening product I will ever use and I highly recommend this product to all of my colleagues, friends, and family!

  • Joe Stoll / Dentist

    With 20 years of experience in various dental settings, Essential Whitening is one of the best whitening products I have used. Extremely simple for patient use and super effective. We have had no reports of sensitivity with the product. All my staff have now taken the product home and love it! Yuri is great to work with. He is at our office answering questions, delivering products, or helping with anything we need...same day!! Cannot recommend it highly enough! Love Essential Whitening products!

  • Jenny / Hygienist

    I can’t say enough good things about Essential Whitening!  I am a hygienist and I didn’t think it would work, well, I was wrong!!  Not only did it whiten my teeth in only 16 minutes a day for 9 days, but it also didn’t cause ANY sensitivity!  I’m never using anything else again on my teeth besides Essential Whitening!

  • Brooke / Patient

    I have used Essential Whitening products religiosly for over 8 months now and I cannot be any more happier with my decision to purchase this product from my dentist. I have seen incredible results from the intial take-home kit and then once I started my 2nd round with the refills I saw even better results that are lasting me a long time. I am happy with having almost no sensitivity with this product, and love that it is super user friendly!

  • Jennifer / Hygienist

    I have been in dentistry for 25 years and have a LOT of experience with various whitening products. Essential Whitening offers the best product on the market and what I choose to use at home. Great results with no sensitivity!